Yes! KFAI's Fall Membership Drive reached its $65,000 goal -- thanks to your support, effort

KFAI's recent Fall Membership Drive was an unqualified success, with mailed-in pledges pushing it past the $65,000 goal within 48 hours of wrapping up the on-air portion of our "right-sized" two-week fundraising effort. As the final contributions to the pre-drive mailer continue to show up in the daily mail, it appears we may even "tickle" the magic $70,000 figure. Job well done, KFAI members and supporters!

KFAI's Board of Directors and staff extend a huge "Thanks!" to everyone who had a hand in this significant accomplishment -- all the on-and off-air volunteers who worked to make it happen, and especially the generous listener-members who showed their support for KFAI Fresh Air Radio when we needed them most.

The work to make KFAI financially secure doesn't end here -- it never does -- but this success provided a big boost to all of us.

Here's to our friends, fans, listeners, volunteers and supporters -- and KFAI Fresh Air Community Radio!

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