Volunteers: The KFAI Bylaws ratification vote is underway; Nov. 15 is your last day to vote!

A vote by KFAI volunteers to ratify recent Board-proposed Bylaws changes has one day yet to run. Over 70 motivated volunteers have voted already. Qualified KFAI volunteers -- those who have volunteered a total of nine hours of their time over the three-month period of July-Sept. -- are eligible to vote. Note: That's nine hours TOTAL over three months -- if you are an active volunteer  with a weekly task you have likely done that. The ratification of Bylaws changes requires a large, fixed percentage of active volunteers to vote to accept them -- or not to accept them. It doesn't matter if the "Yes" votes outnumber the "No." Unless a fixed (and high) percentage of active volunteers particpates, the change fails. So it is important that every qualified volunteer votes.

The fastest, easiest way to vote is via the online ballot, linked HEREConcise, easy-to-read documentation is linked to the online ballot for your convenience. Additionally, paper ballots have been distributed to all KFAI program mailboxes, with additional ballots provided for Front Desk assistants, Democracy Now engineers and other frequent volunteers without a mailbox. Vote by whichever method is easier for you!

Please go to the ballot linked above, and please vote today!


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