KFAI Bylaws amendment approved and ratified by a vote of volunteers

An amendment to the KFAI Bylaws adopted earlier this year by the Fresh Air Board of Directors has been approved and ratified by a vote of volunteers.

Eighty-nine volunteers (of 245 eligible voters) participated in the approval/ratification process. All 89 votes were in favor of the Bylaws change; there were no "No" votes cast. Unlike an election where a simple majority of votes determines the outcome, changes to the KFAI Bylaws additionally require a quorum -- a minimum of 25 percent of all eligible voters -- to participate or the proposed change fails, regardless of the outcome of the Yes-No vote. The 89 voters constituted 36 percent of eligible volunteers, and exceeded the quorum necessary to pass.

To be eligible to vote a KFAI volunteer had to log a minimum of nine volunteer hours total over the three months prior to the referendum vote.

The KFAI Board of Directors is sincerely grateful to all the KFAI volunteers who participated and submitted ballots on this referendum. Your contribution to this effort is very much appreciated.

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