Radio Rumpus Room returns (for one night only) this Friday, Nov. 30 at 8 pm



It's only been eight-and-a-half years since Ron and Jean retired their show Radio Rumpus Room and here they are bothering you again. You may recall the show -- it featured a weekly mix of surf, hot rod, Sixties garage, primal pop and primitive rock'n'roll, interrupted at seemingly random intervals by spasms of traditional country twang and "hints" of psychedelia.

Jet Set Planet, the radio show that inherited our former Friday night slot, recently cashed in its chips, and the KFAI staff invited the RRR hosts to reprise their old show -- but just for this Friday ONLY. And so they will -- this Friday, Nov. 30 from 8-10 pm, CST.

A BONUS -- or not, depending on how you look at it: The RRRers have uncovered a musty collection of old Radio Rumpus Room show promos that they will be airing throughout Friday's broadcast. These include such justly ignored classics as "Gary Usher: Genius Or God," "Day The Surf Stood Still (Freezing On Lake Calhoun Edit)," "Spring Scooter Scramble," "She Shows No Mercy," "Big Beat Badger Blowout (Holstein Edit)," "Radio Rumpus Room Way Out Of Orbit," "Hot Rods To Hell (Drag Strip Radio Screamer Edit)," "Radio Rumpus Room Goes Commercial," "Radio Rumpus Room Goes Japanese," and... well, you get the picture. PLUS: The epic Radio Rumpus Room/Friday Night Poker Party "Y2K" promo from Dec. 31, 1999 as both shows counted down the last minutes of a tired, worn-out Millenium.

So tune in Radio Rumpus Room (Redux) this Friday from 8-10 pm if you are so inclined -- join hosts Ron and Jean at 90.3 FM over the air in Minneapolis/St. Paul and streaming everywhere that has a functioning Internet connection at If that isn't enough punishment, the audio archives will be up for additional listening through Dec. 14.


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