February 2018 Conversations with Al McFarlane Archives

Lea Hargett, VP Thor Companies

Kevin Wright, VP Thor Companies

D’Angelo Svenkenson, VP Thor Companies

Randall Bradley

Katherine, Organizer from Northside Spectacular

Zachariah Babington- Johnson

Outreach Coordinator from Council of Minnesota of African Heritage, Patrice Bailey

Director, Coordinator of Minnesotans of African Heritage, Justin Terrell

Mankwe Ndosi

G. Phillip Shoultz

Isaac Tut was born in South Sudan, a war-torn country that has been engulfed in war for about 60 years. He lived in a refugee camp in Ethiopia until he was 11 years old. But then in 1999 he and his family got accepted by the United Nations’ Commission on Refugees and gave them leave and status to enter the US.  After being relocated to Austin, TX, close family friends from Minnesota drove all the way down to pick them up and bring them to Minnesota to live with them in an extended family setting.