June 2018 Bop Street Archives

Bells Are Ringing in the Land of the Round Haircut for a Rock 'N' Roll Wedding in the Chapel of Love along with an Imaginery Journey in the Land of Make Believe with a Quick Melodic Side Trip Below the Mason-Dixon Line….

It's a Father's Day Countdown in the Land of the Round Haircut, along with a bit of Rock 'N' Roll Ornithology…..

BIRTHDAYS-IN-BLUE From the Land of the Round Haircut for PAUL McCARTNEY and DON 'SUGARCANE' HARRIS, along with a few more June Wedding tunes, a visit to the Land of Cartoons, Rolling Stones' album Some Girls-40th Anniversary, and a Hot Rod tune or two for this weekend's Back to the 50s Car Show at the State Fairgrounds…..

Here's the short story: Pete went inside the house to check his record collection and left Bop Street sitting at the curb, unlocked. By chance former Radio Rumpus Room hosts Ron and Jean happened by, decided to hot-wire the old buggy and took it for a spin. The ensuing two-hour ride was a mishmash of several of RRR's annual specials: Hot Rods To Hell. The Day The Surf Stood Still. Two-Wheel Showstoppers. Radio Rumpus Room Is Turning Japanese.