December 2018 Bop Street Archives

Winter Comes to the Land of the Round Haircut – It's a bunch of (snow shoveling) Seasonal Melodies, along with a Weekend With SInatra, and a Birthday-In-Blue for RABON DELMORE, younger of the two pioneering Hillbilly Boogie/Rock 'N' Roll Godfathers Delmore Brothers….

Professor Bop's WayBack Machine is set on Minus 50—-Just in Time for Christmas 1968: The Beatles WHITE ALBUM and the Stones' BEGGARS BANQUET, along with Birthdays-In-Blues for GUITAR SLIM, Bluebird Bluesman/steel guitarist CASEY BILL WELDON,  Ellingtonian Trumpet Man/Violinist RAY NANCE, and Powerful Woman of

CHRISTMAS EVE in the Land of the Round Haircut ! ! !