April 2017 Catalyst: Politics and Culture Archives

Seventy years ago, as 300 years of British colonilism ended in India, partition split the country in two, creating Pakistan—-and 15 million refugee-migrants. PANGEA WORLD THEATER's newest production, "5 Weeks" explores that partition (and it's continued impact), drawn from oral histories in a play by MEENA NATARAJAN and directed by DIPANKUR MUKHERJEE.

On April 6th, President Trump launched 59 Tomahawk missiles on  Syria :allegedly rhis was a military target: but, 7 were killed—including 4 children—and9 injured. Corproate media immiedialty spoke in unison of an alleged "chemical weapons atacks" by Syrian President Assad—barely 48 hours after videos of civilians it was alleged were killed or injureed by some sort of poison. No questions have ben sked or investigation conducted before Trump's military attack.

It's time for the annual UNTOLD STORIES Of Labor series hosted by The Frineds of St. Paul Public Library.