July 2017 Catalyst: Politics and Culture Archives

JULY 27-30 NATIONAL TRANSITION GATHERING, St. Paul, MN: Preparing & adapting for climate change from neighborhood to city to state levels.www.transitiongathering.org


Like many cities across the U.S., Minneapolis, MN is facing an affordable housing crisis with one-bedroom apartments averaging $1,000 a month. Ironically, a building boom of apartments and condos is happening—for the "luxury" market. Plus, older housing stock is being bought up, gentrified and low-income people being pushed out. Common sense would indicate that in this context, preserving public housing would be even more critical, but the oldest public housing in the city is under threat.

Focus on the DEMOCRACY CONVENTION (Aug.2-6, U of MN, Minneapolis) with two Twin Cities presenters: SAMANTHA PREE-STINSON (who's also a candidate for Ward 3 on the Minneapolis City Counciol) and KEN PENTEL of  ECOLOGY DEMOCRACY NETWORK.