October 2017 Catalyst: Politics and Culture Archives

"Catalyst" co-host MAX FULLER interviews SEWARD CO-OP workers who are fighting for a union. Plus: a feature by Max on REAL LIFE SUPER HEROES

With a record of grassroots community-engagement, MUHAMUD NOOR is running for 6th Ward MINNEAPOLIS CITY COUNCIL seat. Hear his concrete ideas for addressing the affordable housing crisis, economic investment in neighborhoods' small businesses and breaking through on police accountability.

In=depth discussion of sexual harassment and sexual assault with directors of 2 Minneapolis organizations :SEXUAL VIOLENCE CTR. (Hot Line612-871-5111) and the U of MN AURORA CTR (Hot Line 612-626-9111)

Hear from 2 candidates running to be MAYOR of MINNEAPOLIS: Tom Hoch (founder/executive director of Hennepin Theater Trust:) www.tomforminneapolis.com and AL FLOWERS, long-time community activist: truthtothepeople.com