January 2018 Catalyst: Politics and Culture Archives

KEN PENTEL director of ECOLOGY DEMOCRACY NETWORK kicks off the 2018 session of MN State Legislature with 2 bills he hopes will be taken up: use of the GENUINE PROGRESS INDICATOR as a more complete economic indicator than GDP and a proposed MN STATE BANK (currently only North Dakota has a state bank—for the las

Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq drag on (16+years) while the U.S. has added more countries to the "war on terrorism"(Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan and Libya). Now, Trump Administration adds  a potential nuclear show-down with North Korea and threatens to end the successful nuclear deal with Iran. Twin Cities peace activists bring perspectives to these issues that corporate media censor.

SPORTS &  the POLTIICS of RESISTANCE: Minneapolis life-long activst MEL REEVES on TAKE A KNEE NATION, upcoming (Feb. 3, 4) conference & Super Bowl protest of racism and police violence.