October 2018 Catalyst: Politics and Culture Archives

Bullying at home & abroad: Lisa Carter, founder of NO BULLYING MOVEMENT, works with children & youth to prevent bullying. Kent Mori of ANTI-WAR COMMITTEE challenges the 17 years long "War On Terrorism" that's currently bombing 7 countries (with 2 more being targeted for future attacks). EVENT: SUN.OCT. 21, 1:3pPM Anti-War Protest,Mayday Plaza, Cedar Ave. S. & 3rd Ave., West Bank, Minneapolis

PAULA OVERBY, Green Party candidate talks about structural reforms of U.S. electoral system.

Running for Henenpin County Commissoner (district 3, challenging Marion Greene), LaDonna Redmond isn't a typical candidate a community activist who's worked to address social-economic inquities facing commuities of color and low-income people: food, housing, poisoned environments. Now, she's also addressing addiction and mental health inequities—after the recent death of her son to addiction.