March 2017 Disability and Progress Archives

Commissioner Kevin Lindsey, from MINNESOTA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RIGHTS will speak to us about bullying and how to handle it.

Assistant Commissioner Claire Wilson, from Minnesota Department of Human Services, will talk about ABLE accounts, which are now available in Minnesota.

Gretchen Jacobs, the U.S. Access Board's General Counsel, will be talking to us about the Board's update of its ADA Accessibility Guidelines for buses and vans.

Voice:  (202) 272-0080 or (800) 872-2253

TTY:  (202) 272-0082 or (800) 993-2822

Pledge drive and an interview with Amanda Reynolds about her disability.

Aliza Olenick will be talking about the product Orcam.  A wearable camera that helps the visually impaired and blind read labels, see street signs and facial recognition.