June 2017 Disability and Progress Archives

Daniel Cashman, founder of the Tap will be in the studio talking about the Tap and the Urban Journal.  The Tap is a social gathering place for people of all abilities-specifically supporting our valued friends with disability labels.  The Urban Journal is a spoken word club.

Emma Allan will be back in the studeo with us.  This time she will be talking about narcolepsy.  What is it, and what is it like to live with it.


Emma Allen, Associate Director of Bel Museum Visitor Services and Operations

612-626-1897, eallen@umn.edu

Leukemia and Lymphoma.  Terry Cannon from the leukemia lymphoma society will be in to discuss this topic.

Lauren Smolar, Director of Helpline Services for National Eating Disorders, will be discussing the different eating disorders.  What are they? How to identify them? And what to do?

A prerecorded program from April 6, 2017.  Daniel Edmondson, who is an amputee skateboarder will be talking about the book he created as an art therapy tool for victims of traumatic injury.