February 2017 Modern Kicks Archives

Our first new episode of the year!  We crack the seal on 2017 by previewing some hot new music from the year — including tracks by NO JOY, HAIR, RATA NEGRA, MAC BLACKOUT BAND, STEF CHURA & more!

Our first classic episode of the year!  Just don't ask around.  Listen instead to this hot playlist feat. tracks by MARY BELL, THE CHINCHEES, MIND RAYS, COCO HAMES & more!

A less than romantic episode as Sean explains how he hurt himself again.  At least the playlist is dynamite — featuring great tracks by SOAKED, THE MADCAPS, LYRIE & THE DUCKIES, PURPLE WIZARD, & more!

Another great episode to tickle your ears!  A mild amount of rambling and a whole lot of great music — including some great tracks by BOOJI BOYS, THE COURTNEYS, PHONE JERKS, & more!