March 2017 Modern Kicks Archives

Wooo boy, what a hum dinger!  Sean declares his true feelings about cookies.  Plus, lots of great new tracks by SWEET SPIRIT, MEATBODIES, BLEACHED, UT-TV, & more!

Another solid installment with more music than you can shake a stick at.  Why are you shaking a stick at your computer?  Stop being weird and check out these hot tracks by DEAD COAST, TREEHOUSE, THE CAIRO GANG, THIGH MASTER, DADDY ISSUES, & more!

Celebrate Women's History Month with this electrifying two hour playlist of female-fronted garage rock and power pop music — featuring some hot tracks by NOTS, HICCUP, CHASTITY BELT & more!

KFAI'S SPRING PLEDGE DRIVE 2017!  Measure Sean's decent into illness throughout the show as special guests NATO COLES and SARA PETTE take charge and spin a special set of music while encouraging you to pledge your support for the pledge drive.

Sean is out sick — but Ken Hippler of KFAI's Good 'N Country was quick to step in with an excellent playlist of vintage and out-of-print country music.