October 2017 Echo Chamber Archives

This week's ECHO CHAMBER contains the "Power Outage" episode of After The Half… at about 5 past 5, we (and a good chunk of Mpls's West Bank) got slammed so hard even the phone service was out!

This episode features the late great Susumu Yokota (?/?/60 or 61 – 3/27/15)… and his many aliases! Mr. Yokota crafted a wide variety of electronic and electroacoustic musics both beat-heavy and ambient, flying under handles such as "Anima Mundi", "Stevia", "Prism", "Ebi" and more, including "Ringo" …not to be confused with either Starr or Shiina! Non-Yokota names croppinng up in the mix included Bill Laswell (collaborating with YMO's Haruomi Hosono, who also turns up in the company of Atom Heart a.k.a. Senor Coconut a.k.a.