December 2017 Echo Chamber Archives

HAPPY HOLIDUBS from The Echo Chamber! New for this “Natty Christmas in Dub” episode was Pomegranate Sounds, who’s Green, in case you didn’t know! We also got baked with Baked A La Ska, with two apiece in hours 1 and 4. Their minor-key “Jingle Dread” in sort of a “reggumbia” style was a real highlight. Usual suspects like Joe Gibbs, Jacob Miller, Michigan & Smiley, King Tubby, Scientist, etc. are practically everywhere you look, and healthy doses of Louie, Ella, Bing, Johnny Mercer, etc. are also to be found here… as well as Dec. 25th birthday-boy, big-band legend Pete Rugolo. In the second half, listen for bits and pieces of “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” peppering the mix… and stay tuned next week for more holidub hi-jinks!

Finishing off 2017 with an epic part 2 of our “Natty Christmas in Dub” special! Trying not to overlap with anything from part 1, the doctors of dub pulled out all the best stuff we have in the way of cool dubwise & otherwise holiday music! The eclectic Holidub mix included such highlights as: the brand new Pomegranate Sounds “Winter Showcase EP”; the new “12 Dubs of Christmas Vol.2” from Nice Up! Records; the “Dub Carols” album from Rhythm & Culture; Redtenbacher’s Funkestra’s “A Very Funky Christmas” (Wooden Hat); Eric Blowtorch & Cecilio Negron with “Christmas in Ladbroke Grove”; and of course Adrian Sherwood & Skip McDonald with Ghetto Priest and “Auld Lang Syne/Slaves Lament”. On top these musical highlights, I finally aired my interview of the great Michael Franti, recorded at the Roofire at the Park festival in Cocoa, Florida last month! More Irie holiday tunes from the likes of: Jacob Miller & Ray-I, Kabanjak, Charlie Parker, Skeewiff vs Big Les vs Xmas, Lucky Dube, Yellowman, Johnny Clarke, Eban Schletter, Pitch Black, Eek-A-Mouse, Kokomo Jo, Tommy McCook, The Pointer Sisters, Duke Ellington, 11 Acorn Lane, and more… Also tonight we featured the new “Tessera Dub” album from Christos DC and Little Axe’s new “London Blues” album on Echo Beach!