February 2018 Global Beat Archives

Lila Downs is coming to town – in early March to the Ordway ! More Hugh Masekela highlights, as well.  Local Hawaiian artist, Kim Sueoka – and big band singer, Natasha Atlas gets a couple tunes in as well.  Gigi from Ethiopia, Manu Dibango and Tony Allen – veteran African band leaders, get packed in as well.  The show ends up with Cuban legend, Benny More, and recent Latino groups, La Santa Cecilia and an even newer group coming soon to The Cedar (Sat. 2/17)- Las Cafeteras – close out today's "Global Beat".

Opening with further tribute to flugelhorn and band leader, legend Hugh Masekela – and Bob Marley… a tip of the hat (and a bow) to Tony Allen… then on to Ethiopia !  A couple tracks from an East-coast based brass ensemble the "Debo Band", along with popular vocalist "Gigi" – both inspired by Ethiopia.  Also I add a West Coast American-Ethiopian vocalist, Meklit. Then a set of female vocalists that I admire quite a bit… first a set of Lila Downs (coming to the Ordway again in early March, you probably shouldn't miss it !