April 2018 Global Beat Archives

Starting off with music from female African voices including some with local connections; both Angelique Kidjo & Lura have performed here at least once… then I jump from Benin & Cabo Verde to Portugal… leading into a set of Ana Moura, Portuguese fado performer coming to the Dakota next Monday evening…


Tango tracks, Fado, and a range of Middle Eastern blends start out today's mix.  Followed by a couple tracks by Youssou N'dour from a recent release entitled: Dakar-Kingston. And a short set from a range of Prince releases: in honor of his contribution to the Civic Pride of the Fair City of Mpls. – and his honoring of Our Home !!

The early highlight of today's program was an honoring for Ella Fitzgerald – on the 100th anniversary of her birth !  I'm a big fan of hers; so I shared a number of tracks in her dedicated work with songs of Antonio Carlos Jobim ! From there I expand the spotlight towards Maria Bethania and a recording of hers: Enchantment/Encanteria.  Back and forth music from Brasil for much of the program, including Espana & Argentina. Also… I include a highlight segment of my top favorites for the final stretch of the 37th MSP International Film Fest !