May 2018 Global Beat Archives

Opening today's journey starts off in Spain/Espana… then to Argentina, then to White Earth, MN. Then a promo for a musical bio-flick/film screening this afternoon at the  the 37th annual MSP International Film Festival, Best of the Fest… along the riverfront at 5 pm: Carolina Chocolate Drops. From there I move on to Mali for three artists from that W. African Nation. Returning 'stateside' to native american artist Buffy Ste-Marie. This week's program wraps up with a Venezuelan group, Daboa, followed by a cut from a Senegalese Mbalax artist covering a Marley track.

An ongoing need for peace – a call for peace and acceptance… 70 yrs. since Al Naqba – the 1948 seige of Jerusalem – forced removal of Palestinian Muslims from their ancestral lands. "Celebrated" by the ceremonial relocation of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. I mention historical trauma – being passed on upon others – continuing a domination by force. Suppression passes down upon someone else – transference of the oppression.

Also a celebration of South Carolina band "Ranky Tanky" coming to town at the Dakota this Friday evening.