January 2018 Bonjour Minnesota Archives

Les meilleur de 2017 / The best of 2017 Round 2

With Chloe, Romain and Frederic.

France Gall died this week, aged 70. Romain Adrien and Frederic dedicated part of the show to her and her husband, Michel Berger.


On this show, we had Mr Beau A.J. Pierre-Louis as a guest to discuss Haiti history, economy and foreign relations throughout the times.

During the first hour, we had the pleasure to receive some of the wonderful staff of the French American School of Minneapolis (formely known as The French Academy).

Veronique Liebmann (Founder and head of the school), Claude Devery (Teacher), Chloe Lorentz (Student) and Romain Lorentz (Parent).

Check out their website: http://fasmpls.org

On this show, Frederic, Romain and Adrien were able to interview Xavier Boulard and Ameeta Jaiswal-Dale from Panache Apple. Check them out at:



Or email them at: panacheconnect@gmail.com