March 2018 Bonjour Minnesota Archives

On this show, Frederic, Romain, Adrien and Christianne celebrated International Women's Day by playing songs from Women or about Women.

On this show, Fred, Adrien and Angela played some cover songs in French based on American songs.

Here are some events we talked about:

3/14 AFMPS Navigateurs de la literature

3/15 Vietnamese Art Opening

DJ(s): Fred Posine, Dana Bogema, Angela Lunberg & Romain Lorentz, Guest(s): none. Theme: Annee 80 / 80's and Pledge Drive 1st week.

We omitted to talk about the up coming events:

3/21 Cine Club Rochester

3/22 Trylon Cinema and AFMSP Cine Club: Indochine

Frederic and Adrien were able to interview Susan Smoluchowski for the MSPIFF (AKA the Minneapolis / St Paul International Film Festival). Then we focused on the pledge drive. We want to thanks all the people who participated. You have until Friday 3/30/2018 to contibute / become a KFAI Member and support our shows.