May 2018 Bonjour Minnesota Archives

This show, Romain and Angela started, then Frederic came back from the Alliance Francaise. The main Theme was the Moms (ou les Mamans). As it will be Sunday 5/13/2018 in the US.

DJ(s): Fred Posine, Romain Lorentz, Angela Lundberg & Adrien Carretero.

Guest(s): Philippe Gallandat, Marilene Phipps, her husband, Beau AJ Pierre Louis &  Francois Ecclesiaste.

Theme: Haiti Flag Day & Marilene's book Unseen Worlds. Philippe came to talk about Urban Explorer on Sunday.

Music: Popular music during the May 1968 era.

DJ(s): Fred Posine, Romain Lorentz & Adrien Carretero. Guest(s): Alya Pender & Stephane Cattelin Theme: Minnesota Acceuil & Mai 68


DJ(s): Fred Posine, Romain Lorentz & Angela Lundberg. Guest(s): None. Theme: None.