June 2018 Bonjour Minnesota Archives

DJ(s): Fred Posine & Adrien Carretero. Guest(s): Vistas in Education with Laurel Rohloff and Romane de Noray. Theme: Voyages. https://www.vistasineducation.com

DJ(s): Fred Posine, Romain Lorentz, Angela Lundberg & Adrien Carretero. Guest(s): None. Theme: Fete des Peres and hommage to Yvettes Horner.



Fred & Angela received Jeremy Iggers for an interview. We talked about the Alliance Francaise, the French Restaurants / Bakerie scene in the Twin Cities and his music tour in France with his band.

DJ(s): Dana Bogema, Angela Lundberg & Fred Posine. Guest(s): Jessie. Theme: Dana's birthday selection.