July 2018 Bonjour Minnesota Archives

DJ(s): Fred Posine, & Angela. Guest(s): None. Theme: Canaday & July 4th (Liberte, Revolution, etc…).

DJ(s): Fred Posine, & Angela. Guest(s): Sara Glesne and Christina Selander-Bouzouina from Alliance France Theme: 14 Juillet / Bastille Day and Les Lumieres Francaises. Volunteers are needed. email at volunteers@afmsp.org

DJ(s): Fred Posine & Angela. Guest(s): None. Theme: World Cup, Bastille Day, Tour de France and Les Lumieres Francaises.

DJ(s): Frederic Posine & Romain Lorentz. Guest(s): None. Theme(s): Soleil / Sun.

DJ(s): Frederic Posine, Romain Lorentz, Chloe, Angela Lundberg & Adrien Carretero. Guest(s): None. Theme(s): Danse/Party