February 2018 Fresh Fruit Archives

Filling in for Quinn Villagomez, Trevor Charon takes "Fresh Fruit" out on this first Thursday of the month! Joined by a special KFAI guest host (station General Manager Leah Honsky plus her daughter, Mila), the studio is graced with local artist and performer, Alex Renshaw. Our guest shares what it's like to be a small-town Minnesota guy in the city, the beginnings of his creative journey, as well as how his identity in the LGBTQ community plays into all of that.

On this episode of Fresh Fruit/RARE Productions – Rox & Shimmer welcomed Trans Male of Color – Cameron Waters who shared his experience about his journey about his Transition and the issues he has faced and also his experience as serving in the Military and the issues Trans People are facing with the recent Anti-Trans Military Trump issue and his experience into Fatherhood living as a Trans Masculine Male. 


Hosts: Dixie Treichel & John Townsend with Guests: Ann Reed, Cassandra Snow, Sami Pfeffer


Ann Reed, Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist

Trevor Charon & Keith Pederson welcomed comedian and musician Amanda Costner to the studio! A transplant from the south, Amanda's been in Minneapolis for three years and has joined us to entertain you and tell her story. Amanda performs stand up comedy around the community, and is half of the lesbian comedy duo "Champagne Jamboree!" She can be found on social media: