September 2017 Fubar Omniverse Archives

Another week with Blanch out, mending a broken leg.  This week guest host Chris Dronen brings in a live recording of the California Honeydrops made July 23, 2017 at the Cedar Cultural Center.  With the Minnesota State Fair in full swing and by an amazing coincidence, the Honeydrops talk about having played the Fair.  Or is it? 

The show begins with artists who performed at previous Global Roots Festivals.  Blanche calls in with a tribute to Grant Hart.  A concert with the Argentinian group Femina rounds out the 2nd hour.  The Cedar's concert description here:

Lots of live stuff from this week's Global Roots Festival and Finnfest at the Cedar, plus artists appearing soon.  Blanche calls in to remind you to pledge your support to KFAI and Chris stumbles on Erik Koskinen's name.