April 2018 Fubar Omniverse Archives

Live tracks from Tuvan group Alash and English stalwarts Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick.

As the barometer dropped by the minute, we started the show with some funky can-do and out-on-the-floor music for heading into the big spring blizzard. Yes, we can can move snow, if nothing else. Hour 2 featured a visit with Siama Matuzungidi and Dallas Johnson, introducing their new recording for children and families, "The Land of Yangalele" and talking about how their journey as independent musicians led them to creating a record for children.

Hour 1 featured music from indigenous people from the far north of the planet, and an interview with visiting artist Tanya Tagaq. Hour 2 featured sets by upcoming shows by Frigg, the Soul Rebels, and bands performing at one last go-round of Surf Stomp/Surf Night at the Hexagon on May 26, The Fractals and longtime host band Big Surf. 

Music from Innova recording artists Gao Hong (pipa), Issam Rafea (oud) from their concert at The Cedar April 25, and Maithree, plus an interview with Philip Blackburn from Innova and the American Composer's Forum.