April 2017 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

The Lost World, Part 1

Arthur Conan Doyle's fantastic adventure of Professor Challenger and his expedition to the high plateau in South America inhabited by dinosaurs.  This production is by Ziggurat Productions, directed by Perry Jacob, with original music by Bob E. Flick.  

Their website tells you what they have, but for further information use info@zigguratproductions.com, or call 310-455-2689.


The Lost World, Part 2

The Lost World, Part 3

The Drifter

The pilot episode of a series that didn't catch on, The Drifter is the story of a student who gets involved in an experiment to travel between dimensions.  The series was proposed by Pirated Productions, story written by Lawrence Watt-Evans, and adapted by Scott Dikkers.  They're the people who brought us The Radio Pirates. 

Short subjects

Elevator Pirates

Raiders of the Lost Ark

The original movie soundtrack was used to make this record version.  It has all the original cast, like Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, John Rhys-Davies, and Denholm Elliot.  Producer Tom Voegeli made this to fit on one vinyl record.  Remixed at Studio M, Minnesota Public Radio. Directed by Steven Spielberg.