May 2017 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

War Day

The novel, by Whitley Strieber and James Kunetka, is a first person account of the authors travels across America five years after a limited nuclear war between the USA and USSR. The book was released in 1984, before the end of the Cold War. Where were you in 1988?


Holobots roaming the streets of New York in 2055. They are there as marketing tools.  Freddie C. is the programmer responsible for them, but he's trying to make them more realistic, and that is a problem for Kingore, the CEO of Holobots, Inc.  Available on PRX.  

Phantoms of Fate

The Cabana Club Mystery

Bill Raymond wrote this story of intrigue and crime at the Cabana Club in Cuba during WWII.  There's some excellent music, too.  It was performed live at the Midwest Radio Theater Workshop in Missouri in 1998.  Bill Raymond also stars.  It was produced by Tom Lopez of ZBS.

A Camping Trip With Joe

Breakfast With Robin