June 2017 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Fire Watch, Act 2-3

Young Bartholomew is a graduate student in history at a future Oxford University.  He is assigned to join and study the famous Fire Watch Brigade, the volunteers who kept St. Paul's Cathedral from being burned to the ground by Nazi incendiaries during the Blitz. Bartholomew falls in love, and under suspicion of being a Nazi spy.  History is very much alive.

Jack Webb

Mike Stapp sitting in to bring you episodes of two of Jack Webb's radio series.

Fleet Lady is one from Pat Novak For Hire (3/6/49).  The Pat Novak series was well known for playing it very straight, yet filling the air with florrid metaphors and convoluted language that made even a hard-boiled detective do a double-take.

A Thing For Machines

Episode One from Uncanny County.  Sally’s “helper robots” practically run the small town of Junction Falls, but much to the consternation of her longtime boyfriend, Hal, they also take up a lot of her time and attention. Feeling increasingly neglected, he confronts Sally — and makes a shocking discovery.

The Boy Who Cried Martian