September 2017 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Visit New Grimston Anyway

Jumper – Neal Hoffman's ex-wife is sitting out on the high ledge of city halls, and everyone is trying to keep her from jumping, including Neal.  Another episode from ZPPR Productions.  Written and directed by George Zarr and Andrew Joffe.

Tara Flame On Patrol

Ruby 10 – The Black Star of Summa Nulla

Radant Kapoor has started his own detective agency.  He's accepted a case to find a gemstone called The Black Star of Summa Nulla, which some think can predict the future.  And, of course he has gotten into a mess, and involved Ruby and her friends, Professor Teru, AndOr and even Moliere, head of the Mole people. 

Netherdrome – The Ultimate Vote

100 years in the future when the surface of Earth is uninhabitable people are living in tunnels underground.  The series, Netherdrome, was produced by Nebraska Broadcast Theater and Whizbang Productions, and written and produced by Barry Anderson.  This episode, The Ultimate Vote, is about a report on the deterioration of the surface and how it has been repressed for political reasons.  (Sound familiar?)

Pledge Show

Shorter works from a variety of sources, including Fearless Comedy Productions, Shockwave, the Iowa Radio Project, the Firesign Theatre, and The Goon Show. 

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