November 2017 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

The Axe and Crown

A seedy pub in a run-down neighborhood has to deal with a new owner – Stan, the son of the old landlord.  Gubbin runs the place, and he's a troll.  He has a sense that the plans for the new place aren't going to work in that part of town.  We'll bring you the first four episodes this week, and the next four episodes on Nov. 12th.  See below for the titles of each episode.

The Axe and Crown, Episodes 5-8

Stan is the new landlord of a seedy pub on Mud Street, and it's run by a troll named Gubbin.  Stan wants to make it a better place, by hiring Gubbin's niece, Betula, as a cook.  Only Stan thinks this is a good idea.   Then there's a the new pub going up across the street, and they have to worry about competition – maybe. 

A Good Knight's Work

The Plimoth Adventure: Voyage of Mayflower

Much legend exists about the story of the pilgrims coming to the New World.  This play from the Colonial Radio Theatre has been researched and written from journals of the travelers on board Mayflower.  They were supposed to land in Virginia, but weather forced them northerly and they ended up in the wrong part of the new land.  This mistake caused them some trouble, despite their opportunity for religious freedom they had been seeking.