December 2017 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Brad Lansky and the Result War, Part 1

Brad Lansky and the Result War, Part 2

A hard science fiction audio drama from South Africa.  The Earth has been pulled out of its orbit by a passing rogue planet in a previous story.  Now the people of Earth have to deal with the new elongated orbit – the long end near Venus, and the other end nearer the Sun than before.  GAIA, the planet's Artificial Intelligence is trying to estimate the future stability of Earth's new orbit, but there is another group calling itself Anonymous that seems to be doing a better job it that.  

Brad Lansky and the Result War, Part 3

I don't usually play old time radio, but this is an unusual night for listening to the radio, and I will be doing some very unusual programming on this show in the next few weeks, so I just thought I'd begin now.  These are special OTR shows, too.  Both are the pilot shows that were meant to sell the series to a network.  The first one did sell and the series lasted two seasons on the Mutual Network.  The second didn't sell and is the only existing show of its kind.  They are from a set of tapes called Radio's Missing Masters from Radio Spirits.  They are also not

Oddities for the new Year.  A crossover, or sometimes called a Mashup, putting one story universe together with a different story universe.  

Where No Goon Has Gone Before