February 2018 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Crossing the Parking Lot

Every big box store and sports venue has a huge parking lot around it.  This is the story of those who brave the unknown and strike out across the lot.

Written by Brian Price and produced by Dan Coffey for the Iowa Radio Project

A Glitch In Time

This Pointless Thing Called Life

Episodes 1 and 2.  A audio novel told by electronic life forms.  Two more episodes next week. 

Comes to us from Alan Marshall and Sylvia Lozeva in Wellington, New Zealand.

Winner of a silver Mark Time Award in 2001 for Best Science Fiction Audio Theater. 

This Pointless Thing Called Life, Episodes 3 & 4

An adventure story told entirely by electronic life forms.  Episodes 1 and 2 were on last week and are available in the KFAI archives. 

Commer and Oster manage to survive the crash landing. They meet aliens who are vegetables and are terrorized by other aliens called the Canckers.

The Corpse in Fibber McGee's Closet

A different take on an old classic radio comedy, with a real corpse.  Written by Minnesota's Mary Monica Pulver (a.k.a. Monica Ferris), it won a script contest for the1996 Magna cum Murder mystery convention in Muncie, Indiana. 

The Case of the Missing Shoe, a Nick Danger mystery drama