March 2018 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Rick Fleshtone:  Rick & Roll Blues

Grady B. Western

A very silly radio western serial episode from The Martian ArchivesGrady B. Western vs. The Empire Under the Dirt was a radio serial in 1944 with jokes that point to previous episodes that we won't hear, and 4th-wall jokes relating to production of the serial, with some bad taste references.  So be prepared for low-brow humor. 

Armada Rising

Ambassador Service

An inexperienced diplomat is assigned to a new post on a South Pacific island, where he finds out all the wonderful eccentricities of diplomats everywhere.  And there are spies. Written by Robert Parson at

A Day At the Library


From the archives of Shockwave, a show that was here on KFAI from 1978 to 2006.  These are examples of the many weird science fictional directions the show took, including its own Future History surrounding the St. Paul Spaceport, the GigaMall, and more or less obscure science and fictional references. Shockwave Rider voices include Jerry Stearns, Dave Romm, Kara Dalkey, Gerri Balter, Brian Westley, David Cummer, Everte Forte, Barb Economon, Charlie Meitzner, Bob Hunter, and others.