April 2018 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Ambassador Service 2-3

In the first series the voters on the island of Orendezhiad re-elected their president, despite finding out that he had been dead for some time.  And now Ambassador Montgomery of the U.S. Embassy has to help resolve escalating tensions between two island nations.  

The Irishman: Have Troll Will Travel

A tale of magic and firearms in the wild old west.  From Ireland and the Crazy Dog Audio Theatre we have a comic tale written, directed and produced by Roger Gregg.  It's part of the Diabolic Playhouse, a series of six audio tales produced for RTE, Irish National Radio. The Crazy Dog Audio website seems to have disappeared, but you can find some more about the producer at rogergregg.com

Gerry in the Dark Passage

A tale about a “loser” who works in a comics shop but gets lost in cyberspace when he has broadband installed. A dark drama in which a man experiencing a schizophrenic breakdown retreats into his graphically violent hostage-rescue computer game with tragic consequences. From Crazy Dog Audio Theatre in Ireland, and part of the Diabolic Playhouse series for RTE, Irish National Radio. Written, directed and produced by Roger Gregg.

Mike Stapp sits in for Jerry Stearns tonight, bringing you episodes from well-known Old Time Radio series.

The Mysterious Traveler

Mutual Network's series from 1943-1952.  "They Who Sleep" from January 6, 1945.  

Lights Out

1934-1947.  Originally developed by Willis Cooper, but taken over later by Arch Obeler in 1936. "The Meteor Man" from December 12, 1942.

Guest Host, Mike Stapp, stirs up some classic radio drama.

The Whistler – The Borrowed Byline

A 1952 episode of a mystery thriller series. It involves smuggling Musk, an expensive ingredient in perfumes. 

Suspense – In Fear and Trembling