May 2018 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Draculer, R.F.D.

Jonathan Harker, paranormal journalist, finds himself investigating rumors of a vampire in a small southern town, ruled over by a sheriff with a Transylvanian accent. Note similarities to a TV small town along the way.

Written by MJ Wilson, directed by William Dufris, and comes to us from AudioComics via the Pocket Universe Podcast

Midnight Audio Theatre

These are winners of the 2017 audio script contest, from WCBE radio in Columbus, Ohio.  Produced and mixed by Catherine Rinella.  Executive Producer is Dan Mushalko.

The Plague Song, by Jim McDoniel.  A young girl is taken into a local convent to keep her from spreading the plague ravaging the countryside.

Villains on Parade

Boogie Woogie to the Stars and Bach Again