July 2018 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Dialogue with Martian Trombone 2018

Whatever happened to the Ramon Raquello Orchestra, who was hired to play at the Meridian Room by the Mercury Theater on the Air, on October 30, 1938?  Then they were interrupted by news reports of a crash landing, and disappeared forever.  Now they have periodic reunions of the band, and there is another side to that Martian Invasion story.  So tonight we spill the beans. 

The Red Badge of Courage, Part 1

Stephen Crane's iconic novel of the American Civil War, a production of Otherworld Media

Henry Fleming is a young man who is concerned that he might not be able to face a battle when it comes.  He doesn't want to believe that he might run when the rifles start shooting, but he just doesn't know. 

The Red Badge of Courage, Part 2

Henry Fleming is a young man from New York who goes off to the War Between the States.  He questions whether he is brave enough, and is afraid he will run when the fighting starts.  He does turn at first, and later comes across a line of wounded retreating from the field of battle.  When he tries to stop some soldiers to ask what is happening one of them hits him on the head with his rifle.  Soon he wanders back to his own regiment and claims another chance to prove to himself that he has what it takes.

Big Fun Radio Funtime!

Recorded live at Convergence 2018, the Big Fun Radio Funtime is a periodic show from Fearless Comedy Productions.  The show is mostly written and directed by TIm Wick.  The Awk Awk Incident was written by Jerry Stearns and Brian Price. 

Coming To A Galaxy Near You

George Tirebiter's life and history in radio and films is diddled with on "Life And Times", the show that follows the near and formerly famous and monitizes their sad story.  It features short clips from some of George's life in radio not yet recorded, and some from films that no longer exist.  And then we'll hear from George T. on "Neptune All Night" and hear some more about the source of some of all that history.