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Rain of the Ghosts, Chapters 1-4

A young adult novel by Greg Weisman, produced as a novel length audioplay.  

Rain Cacique lives on the Ghost Keys.  At least that's what the locals called the Prospero Keys.  She's 13 and is beginning to think that she'll never be able to see any more of the world than the Ghosts and the tourists that infest them. 

Rain of the Ghosts, Chapters 5-9

Rain is 13 and living on the Ghost Keys in the Caribbean Sea.  Her beloved grandfather, Sebastian, has just died in his sleep, and she is broken up.  There is a scary tourist named Callahan who is staying at their family bed-and-breakfast, and now suddenly there are apparitions appearing to her.  

Rain of the Ghosts, Chapters 10-13

After hearing a bit from Greg Weisman talking about making this audioplay of his novel, Rain of the Ghosts, we'll get into Chapters 10 through 13.  First Rain and her mother have to go through her recently deceased grandfather's room and she finds things she never knew about 'Bastian.  And she meets up with Hurricane Julia.

Rain of the Ghosts, Chapters 14-16

Rain has stowed away on the boat of Callahan, and finds that he did steal her arm band that her grandfather gave her.  She manages to switch the fake arm band with her real one, but she and Charlie are still hiding and in danger.  The ghost of her grandfather helps them escape.  And then we get to the Last Flight of the Island Belle

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