April 2017 Wave Project Archives

Lost Hits of the '70s Second Edition 

Marco Franco the 45 Man presented singles from '70s American pop music crossing genres at the speed of a light saber. These are artists you may know but songs you may have missed, enlivened by one fantastic enthusiastic host. Listen for the Italian music segment, too!

Plastic Soul with Steveo

Steveo brings us another edition of Plastic Soul – Beatles reverie with interesting information about recordings, cover versions, production and the legacies originated by John, Paul, George and Ringo. It's always a good time when Plastic Soul takes over the KFAI airwaves. Check the playlist for today's golden tracks!

KITCHEN DISASTERS!!! with Bill and Mecca

Find out why you should (nearly) always enter a kitchen adventure fully-clothed on this hilarious and commiseratory episode, hosted by Mecca Bos and Bill Fernow. They return to KFAI's airwaves with tales of not-so-successful culinary deeds, both domestic and commercial. Archive up through May 6 so be sure to take a listen as you consider your next ambitious gustatory project!

QuOTeD: Question of the Day – Radio Theater in Podcast Form

Civil Rights in the City

Members of the MInneapolis Commission on Civil Rights present the purpose, structure and activities of the group and play their choices of music that align with their function.