May 2017 Wave Project Archives

Evil Roar Preview

Roar of the Underground and Root of All Evil team up to bring you a sample of music from the upcoming concerts they are sponsoring under the Evil Roar Presents banner:

A Tribute to Guy Clark

Jerry Bourbonnais brought us songs and stories marking a year since the music world lost Guy Clark. A tall talent underappreciated outside of fellow songwriters and astute fans, Clark left a pantheon of intricate and tear-stained verses. An hour went by too quickly – thank you for the calls and good wishes on a great program. 

Host Rajib Bahar and guests present Big Data Part 1: data applications in our lives. From social responsibility to predictive analytics, this is the first part of a two-part program addressing how data can be used to develop and apply solutions, transforming outcomes for the predictable (companies and investments) and the paramount (pressing social needs). Tune in June 25 at 11 am for Big Data Part 2.

Zach and Wilson take you on "Aesthetic Journey".  The sounds of Vaporwave: A musical movement critquing consumerism, bringing nostalgic feels and sampling 80s and 90s tracks.