October 2017 Wave Project Archives

Asamblea de Derichos Civiles

Samuel Estes hosts this program illuminating the "immigration debate" with real stories from guests Antonia and her daughter Melena. What are the stories behind the numbers when people talk about migrants, immigrants, undocumented workers and "Dreamers?" This program is a good beginning to the deeper discussion in need of happening around people coming to the United States for work and to live. For more information, visit https://asamblea-mn.org/.

Veterans for Peace Hour 

Flipside Flops 2: Vinyl Rarities and Forgotten Gems – Rebroadcast, originally aired Jan. 1, 2017

It was another edition of "Flipside Flops" with Suzy Hang-Around. Check the play list and look forward to her next visit!

Spontaneous Local Music Hour!

Host Pam Hill pulled together a mix of new and well-loved releases from local rock, electronic and americana artists, many with shows coming up. Check the playlist for new Fog and Dylan Hicks, well-loved Cloud Cult, Semisonic and The Brass Kings, and much much more, squeezed into an hour. 

Powderhorn Empty Bowls Nov. 3!

Powderhorn Empty Bowls Board of Directors President Sarah Bagwell, VP Matthew Garretson and potter Michael Ziomko share stories of the origins and growth of this fantastic hunger-relief event. 300 volunteers! Dozens of soups! Hundreds of bowls to be taken home! All benefiting 12 local hunger-relief organizations. 11 am – 7 pm. See more about the restaurants, community partners and how art feeds us here: https://powderhornemptybowls.org/