December 2017 Wave Project Archives

Intersectionality. Ally. Cisgendered. Non-conforming. Identity. Self-reporting. Labeling. Host Y. Elaine Rasmussen presents a live edition of her Social Impact Now! podcast on this edition of the Wave Project. Using humor, questions, empathy, and a keen sense of self-awareness, Rasmussen addresses the ways in which we try to relate to one another while examining (or not yet examining) our own truths. This is a deft, candid conversation from which we all can benefit by listening. 

Myth-busting about Dyslexia, along with looking at both challenges and strengths to what has traditionally been an under-recognized  "learning disability," but may be as much a different "learning style."

Host David Pieper welcomed guest Lawrence Sheldon as they shared stigma around Dyslexia as a diagnosis, how to (and how NOT to) engage with Dyslexia, and what it means to live with Dyslexia.

Home for the Holidays

Lisa Curran Whitney and Bruce Huisinga present their annual HOME for the HOLIDAYS radio show. They will play some classic and some maybe-not-so-classic CHRISTMAS SONGS.  Please listen in and MERRY CHRISTMAS!