February 2018 Wave Project Archives

"The Boy Crisis" presented by Dan Gorbunow and guests

O Sole Mio – An hour of Italian music and culture (including right here in the Twin Cities!) 

Afro-Centric presented by Cameron Ljungkull

My High School Soundtrack presented by Sarah Bagwell

We had a blast in studio celebrating a soundtrack that underlined Sarah's high school memories and spanned from 1963 The Kingsmen to 1991 Material Issue. Many of us felt transported to some of our most awkward and most energetic times. We had some great guesses but Shirley had the winning answer to contest to reveal the year Sarah graduated: 1991. Check the playlist to see what songs just might have set the mood for one of your "firsts" (concert without an adult…dance club experience…kiss…heartbreak, etc. etc.).