August 2018 Wave Project Archives

Aesthetics – Vaporwave and its subgenres

Host Saul Clayman presented an hour of some of the chill-est, sample-filled music to electronic enthusiasts' ears. Mallsoft, future funk, vaportrap and more subgenres culminated in the essential song for the vapor enthusiast: Macintosh Plus's "Computing of Lisa Frank." Catch this show in the KFAI archives through August 18!


Rethinking the Copernican Theory: Introducing TYCHOS

Hosts Maxeem Konrardy and Simon Shack present an alternative to the Copernican Theory that places the Sun at the center of the Universe. Shack presents a binary model that positions Mars and the Sun as shared central forces. The show preceded Shack's visit to the Tate Hall on the University of MN Twin Cities campus. See for more information about the Geoaxial Binary Solar System.


More '90s Rock Exhumed

30 Songs of Bliss

James brings us beautiful songs – classics, newer ones you may not have heard, gems – songs that move you to emotion. Enjoy!

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