February 2018 TruthToTell Archives

From Protest to Politics: a Pre-Caucus Special

2017 was a year of protest as record-breaking marches and protests erupted across the nation. Will this mix of outrage and hope translate into electoral victories in 2018?  MinnPost political writer Briana Bierschbachand Kim Wentel, co-chair of of endoresements for Our Revolution Minnesota, share their perspective on candidates and issues here in Minnesota.

What Do You Like About America? At a time when the American body politic is sufferng from an extreme case of indigenstion, it might seem odd to ask a question like the one above. David O'Fallon, President and CEO the Minnesota Humanities Center, thinks that some simple conversation about what we like about America might be a starting point for deeper sharing, or at least some mutual understanding.  O'Fallon discusses this and other projects that foster dialogue in communities across the state.

From Ideas to Action: The Roots of the Radical Right.  IF you ever wondered how the right-wing political movement became so powerful in the U.S., this program is for you. Nancy Maclean, Professor of History and Public Policy at Duke University, discusses her highly acclaimed (and controversial) book, Democracy in Chains: the Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America. This is a recording of a talk Professor Maclean gave the the East Side Freedom Library in November 2017.



Race, Family, History and Today. In a rebroadcast of TTT's February 2016 interview,  journalist Karen Branan discusses her powerful book, The Family Tree: A Lynching in Georgia, a Legacy of Secrets and My Search for theTruth.  Through the prism of family history, Branan explores racial dynamics that continue to influence America today-in both the South and the North.