March 2018 TruthToTell Archives

A March that Changed History: the 1963 March on Washington and the Unfinished Agenda of Jobs, Freedom and Racial Justice.  What does marching accomplish, anyway? University of Minnesota History Professor William Jones, author of The March on Washington: Jobs, Freedom and the Forgotten History of Civil Rights, joins Truth to Tell for a discussion of a historic marh that inspired real change and continues to have relevance for today.


Project Dignity: Local Support for Rohingyan Woman

Imagining the Future/ Engaging Commuities to Make it Happen. A nation with sane gun laws? An inner-city community where residents create wealth and security through cooperative action? TTT talks with two leaders who are organizing to expand the boundaries of the possible: Jeremiah Ellison, Minneapolis  City Council Member from Ward 5 and nancy Nord Bence, Executive Director of Protect Minnesota.

Mapping Prejudice and and Rallying for Tax Justice.  A conversation with Kirsten Delegard and Kevin Ehrmen-Solberg about the Mapping Prejudice Project: the first-ever comprehensive map of racially-based housing restrictions in an American City. These racial covenants, prevented people of color from buying property in neighborhoods across Minneapolis, and though illegal now, continue to impact communities of color today. Tax policy also contributes to econonomic and social inequality.