April 2018 TruthToTell Archives

Holes in the Safety Net? A conversation with Seth Boffeli, Communications Director of AARP Minnesota and Ezra Golberstein, Associate Professor, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota.  Issues include: elder abuse in nursing homes and assisted care facillities, high prescription drug policies and a proposed work requitement for (some) Medicaid recipients.

The View from Washington D.C. and Marching for Science (again). Sam Brodey, Washington correspondent for MinnPost talks about some of the stories he has been following and how what happens in D.C. impacts folks back home.  In the second half of the program, Dr.  Kate Ries, a Chemistry Professor at Metropolitan State University, explains why government support for science is critical to the wellbeing of our communities and the nation.

The Life and Times of Don Fraser and Why Fair Wages are Good for your Health.

Local author Iric Nathanson talks about his new biography of former Minneapolis Mayor and  Congressman,  Don Fraser and Caitlin Caspi and Amy Shanfelt from the University of Minnesota about their study of the links between fair wages and personal health.

Everyday is Earth Day.

In 1970, environmental activists launched the first Earth Day. Since then the movement to protect the land, air, water and animal life has claimed its share of victories and setbacks.  Ron Meador, environmental reporter for MinnPost, discusses issues and controversies facing Minnesota environmentalists today.

Whose Stories and Who Gets to Tell Them.

Journalist Cirein Saadeh joins TruthtoTell to discuss what she calls"journalism of color" and the intersection between journalism and social movements.  Also joining the conversation is Kenzie O'Keefe, editor of North News, a local paper committed to raising up the experiences of North Mineapolis residents.